Qiao Xiaodao’s “kingdom of wilder land” in Lijiang


Under the blue sky with drifting white clouds, there exists a “fairy tale world” on a swath of wilder land at the foot of the snow mountain. It consists of dozens of cabins in special shapes and a variety of sculptures made of scrap metal.

Qiao Xiaodao is the builder of this “fairy tale world”. He has made the dream described in the movie “Up” come true in Lijiang City of Yunnan Province and started an adventure exploring the “kingdom of wilder Land”.


From a singer to carpenter 

Qiao Xiaodao used to be a famous folk singer in a band called “Daqiao Xiaoqiao.” After “Daqiao Xiaoqioa” disbanded, Qiao and his beloved wife Zhenzhen moved to Lijiang, the hometown of Zhenzhen.

Picking up the chisel instead of the guitar, Qiao had become a carpenter. Without any educational background in architecture, he had built different styles of houses all by himself.

He built a 12 square-meter cafe, a flower room, as they were the dream of Zhenzhen. “Although they are not large, they are still my most romantic house because of the love,” said Qiao.

“Music and architecture are not disconnected but have similar core aesthetic criteria: a building with good design is like a piece of good music. ” 

The experience of being a musician gives Qiao fantasy and helps him get rid of constraints of architecture so that he can build this “fairy tale world”.


A wilder land turns into a fairy tale.

Qiao has a special affection for Lijiang regarding its weather, landscape, culture, and customs. You can capture this beautiful azure blue sky without any filters. Lijiang is the muse of many artists, including Qiao. “I want to realize my dream in Lijiang,” said Qiao.

Qiao’s design is quite unique in the local area. After many attempts, he started to realize his dream of building the “kingdom of wilder land” from one house to dozens of them. 

The “kingdom of wilder land” was open this summer, but the first thing Qiao did was to restrict the number of tourists. As the “kingdom of wilder land” is still in the path of improvement, I expect people to come to visit it more than once. Every time they come, it will be different.

A dream has come true.

Recently, the “kingdom of wilder land” had welcomed a special group of tourists. As the interviewers of a reality show program of Tecent Video, Ouyang Nana and Ren Min entered Qiao’s wilder land. Ouyang Nana’s dream as a child was to set up a slide in her house. “I wish everyone who comes here can recall their dreams as kids and relive the beauty and romance of their childhood.” Qiao added.


However, Qiao’s ultimate dream in the future is to build houses in the air without any traffic control like the movie “Up”. In the “kingdom of wilder land”, together with Ouyang Nana and Ren Min, Qiao had used the material and accessories found in a recycling center to build a “weird house” that can float with the assistant of an “airship”. At that moment, Qiao’s dream had come true.

“Kingdom of wilder land” as a healing clinic

Qiao thought, “the ‘kingdom of wilder land’ also serves as a clinic healing people’s minds. Also, it is neither an inaccessible place nor a remote paradise, rather an open space among a deserted commercial complex in a bustling city.”

Every house built by Qiao has its name, telling a specific story. Qiao said, “there lives a small house in each person’s heart, as what a child believes. As we grow older, these fantasies should not be given up. Pursing your dream, building a house, and so on bring great happiness to one’s life.” 

According to Qiao, life is between choosing and giving up. “If you can insist on doing one thing, it must be something I love. I am content with myself and my current lifestyle. I wish I could have more freedom to be myself, more courage to break free from conventions and eventually find the life that belongs to me.”

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