An impressive journey to Shangri-La

When I was young, I learned from TV and radio that there’s a place called Shangri-La in Yunnan, a wonderland that fascinates the world. I always thought Shangri-La is a mysterious place hiding deep in the mountain. When I grow up, I found Shangri-La is actually near my home and has beautiful natural scenery. Then I set off on a dreamlike journey to Shangri-La.

The first stop: Songzanlin Monastery

Located in North Shangri-La City, Songzanlin Monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan Province, which is called “the little Potala Palace ”. Built down the hillside and shaped like an old castle, the temple is known as the "Museum of Tibetan Art" and is a must-see spot for visitors to Shangri-La. 

I walked through the door and then climbed up the stairs. Every step I took close to the temple, I felt a little peaceful more. There were some chough hovering in the sky. According to the tour guide, the chough is called auspicious bird by the locals. 


A monk is taking care of potted plants.

The second stop: Napahai Wetland

Located in suburban Shangri-La and surrounded by a round road, Napahai Wetland is a good place for driving. You can appreciate the wetland from different angles when you drive along the road around the lake.

You can see different scenery in four seasons. In spring, everything comes to life again. And various colors of azaleas bloom on the hillside. In summer, lots of yaks and horses forage on the grassland. In autumn, aquatic plants turn yellow from green, trees on the hillside put on new clothes. In winter, all kinds of migrant birds come in flocks and play on the lake.

Some tourists choose to rent bicycles and ride around the lake, while others choose to rent horses to explore the grassland.


The summer scenery in Napahai Wetland.

The third stop: Pudacuo National Park

Looking at the wide lake, I suddenly realized how insignificant man is in front of nature. As long as you are persevering, difficulties are insignificant in front of human as well.


The scenery of Pudacuo National Park.

Other stops

I also went to the Tiger Leaping Gorge and Nixi Township... I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful scenery during the journey and the kind-hearted locals left a deep impression on me as well.


The scenery of Nixi Township in Shangri-La.

For me, Shangri-La is a place where I have a better understanding of myself and also clean my mind. The journey makes me step out of my comfort zone and gain the courage to move on.

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(Editors: Lexi, Christine)

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