Kunming Area provides companies with efficient service

Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Kunming Economic Technique Development Zone) has implemented a series of measures to provide efficient service for companies and help them to overcome obstacles. It is a good try to effectively stimulate the vitality of various market entities.

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Recently, Yunnan Seedshare Development Co. Ltd. is striving for the research and development of plant raw materials and the production of black truffle related products. In the first and second quarters of this year, affected by the COVID-19, many raw materials could not be delivered to Kunming as scheduled, which seriously slowed the production line of enterprises.

After learning about this situation, the heads of relevant departments in Kunming Area responded quickly. They do everything possible to help Yunnan Seedshare solve problems, especially in the aspects of raw material supply, logistics and transportation, etc.

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“Wild mushrooms recently came to market. In addition to selling edible wild mushrooms as agricultural products, we hope to combine production, process and sale into a industrial chain.” Zhao Pingzhou, the deputy general manager of Yunnan Seedshare Development Co. Ltd. Said.

With the strong support of Kunming Area, Yunnan Seedshare has cooperated with hundreds of enterprises with its own scientific and technological advantages. Nearly 2000 kinds of products have been put on record for the market, and more than 6,000 formulas have been reserved for the development and utilization of plant resources in the beauty industry and the food industry.

“Kunming Area has given us great support. For example, the talents introduction policy helps us attract and hire the talent; we can contact more high-quality enterprises outside Yunnan province to do some projects together by taking business to canvass business, Zhao added.


Zhao Pingzhou said: “ FTZ has given us a lot of support. What I feel most deeply is the brain gain policy; secondly, it is the form of investment promotion, enabling us to connect with many high-quality enterprises from outside the province to jointly do some projects.”

Since the beginning of this year, Kunming Area has been promoting the working methods from management to service, establishing a government-enterprise communication mechanism, listening to the opinions of the masses, entrepreneurs, and service objects, and implementing various preferential policies to enterprises.


In the future, Kunming Area will continue to optimize the business environment, to expand investment promotion efforts, to strengthen advantageous industries and cultivate emerging industries, especially focus on cultivating small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting the digital transformation of SMEs.

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