Animals' fantastic ideas of getting cool at Yunnan Safari Park




To avoid the summer heatwaves, quite a number of tourists are rushing to take holidays in Yunnan. However, it is not cool enough for wild animals at Yunnan Safari Park. They have started their own way to enjoy cool time. 

At the same time, the staff in the park also took measures to help them spend nice time. For example, the park has prepared a pool, a spray system, fruit, ice and other stuff for the national treasure giant pandas who like cool environment. White rhinoceros and giraffes are native to Africa, but they grew up in Yunnan Safari Park when they were young. The staff has prepared a mud pool for them to enjoy a mud bath while a huge sunshade was prepared for giraffes over 6 meters.




To provide a more comfortable environment for the red pandas, the staff mixed their food and ice cubes. Beaver, the neighbor of the red panda,  also got an ice meal. As for tigers in Shihu Mountain, some were sleeping in the shade of trees; some were bathing in the pool; some were lying on the ice without moving.





Baby raccoons could be said the happiest animals in the park. The staff has prepared large barrels full of different fruits. They had a wonderful time since they are naturally fond of fruits. 

In a nutshell, all kinds of wild animals spent the hot time in their own ways. If you are interested in these animals' fantastic ideas of getting cool, just grab time and take your family or friends to visit Yunnan Safari Park.

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(Editors: Rachel, Amy)

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